10 tips to become inspired at work



As a  business owner who is looking to achieve their personal and professional goals, if you are willing to stretch yourself out of the box, here are 10 proven tips to help you get motivated and inspired at work.  You may wish to try some of these out in your personal life and others in your business.  (Some  of these may surprise you or even shock you!)


1)     Play. Play, have fun,  bringing lightness into your business. Not only are these things by their very nature “fun”, but perhaps surprisingly, are key factors when it comes to Mastering the Inner Game and enjoying business success. So get creative: Release your limitations. Release your inner child.  Encourage those around you to do the same. Have more fun and notice how that impacts on the performance of your business! (Note: Having fun doesn’t mean being unprofessional in the way you operate. Be both fun and professional!)


2)     Bring yourself into the present. Slow down and bring yourself into the moment. Notice the world around you. Listen to your breathing, clear your mind and really take in life. This is the ideal environment for inspiration to strike.


3)     Embrace Change. Welcome change with open arms. Look at change in a positive way and reflect on how it may improve things. If things never changed, nothing would be new. Life and business would become boring. Excitement and inspiration go happily together.


4)     Make mistakes (deliberately).  At times,  don’t play it safe. Making mistakes can lead to new discoveries that you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.  Entrepreneurs who feel liberated from making mistakes progress much faster in their businesses than those who worry too much about getting things wrong.  Do choose to make your mistakes in situations where the impact is likely to be small.


5)     Meditation. Try meditation techniques to centre yourself and visualise what you want Meditation can be used as a tool for inspiration:  it provides space for new ideas to bubble up. Visualising your dreams and goals helps focus your mind and make them a reality.


6)     Learn something new. Take up a new hobby or activity like playing a musical instrument, taking a new dance class or going to an arts and crafts workshop. Trying something new boosts creative energies, helping you to get inspired.


7)     Change your environment. If you are lacking inspiration, maybe it’s because your environment isn’t particularly inspiring. If it is your own environment, make improvements – put up pictures of people who inspire you and surround yourself with the things you love. Or go somewhere you find inspiring, like to the sea, an art exhibition or a park. Ask yourself how can I make my environment more beautiful, if beauty is a value to you.


8)     Listen to your gut feelings. Save time and energy and listen to your gut feelings; they are normally right.This can help you make decisions, boost feelings of empowerment and be the catalyst for more inspiration.


9)     Positivity. Be positive and positive things are more likely to happen. Things you didn’t expect will end up turning out right and your positivity will rub off on those around you. Positivity is an effective way of feeling inspired and is a catalyst  for  your being open to anything life throws your way.


10)Time for you. Having some much deserved me time is wise, not selfish. Give yourself time for relaxation, reflection and re-energising. That is when inspiration is most likely to hit you


Think about the last time you were feeling uninspired in your business. What did you do to lift your spirits?

This article was written by Karen Skehel