6 proven tips to being really happy owning your own business

happy owning your own business

Feeling happy contributes to being successful in business, so even aside from the “feel good” factor”, it is worth going for if you want business success, especially if you want to be happy owning your own business. 


Happiness is a sought after state. Looking at your business and your life through a positive filter creates happiness and  the opposite is also true. Happiness arises from choosing to take pleasure in whatever is happening regardless of the situation.  Choose happiness and notice your feelings of happiness increase.


Here are some 6 proven inner game strategies to become happy at work AND happy with life


1.     Define what happiness is to you. Everyone is different. What makes you feel happy at work?  You may think happiness is attached to material things or making a good income. It isn’t. To dispel this myth, it can be helpful to reflect on the rich people you know personally or in the media who are unhappy. Money and business success brings many positive things, but happiness is independent of money!


2.     Appreciate the moment.  At times of feeling  unhappy, there is a tendency to see every situation in a negative light. By appreciating the small things, you can start a habit of appreciate everything in your work and personal lives. I often invite clients to see the gift in everything.


3.     Learn something new.  Achieving something or learning something new can be uplifting and positively impact business results.  Sometimes unhappiness comes from an unhelpful void. To fill this void, brainstorm a list of activities that you do or might love. Take up at least one of these activities


4.     Take responsibility.. Make clear plans and business goals and take action. See set backs as learning opportunities.  There are no failures: Only successes or opportunities to learn


5.     Choose happiness now. Don’t have your happiness be dependent on external situations or events that might or might not happen. Set an intention for your happiness to be generated by your inner world, not external events. .


6.     Set an intention to let go of your worries. Worrying leads to unhappiness. Ask yourself, is this a situation you can change? If so, then look to make the appropriate changes. If this is a situation you cannot change, then accept it as it is and let go.


Happiness is in your hands . No one else can make you happy, (or unhappy) even if you think they can. So make an empowering choice to be happy everyday regardless of what’s going on.


How do you create your happiness?


This article was written by Karen Skehel