How to have more energy at work


I know how difficult it is for some clients to exercise around their work schedules.  The positive aspects of exercise are well documented, so explore all forms of exercise before you rule it out. I have had had many clients who have told me that they don’t like exercising until the moment they found something that they really like.  Often they are surprised by the outcome. If you are convinced that exercise isn’t for you, then there are plenty of other ways you can raise your energy at work.


Here are some of the things I suggest to my clients to help them raise their energy levels: You might like to try some of the same tips.


Start by listing out what drains you and what gives you energy, and do less of the former and more of the latter. We each have our own personal energy drainers (usually things we hate) and energy givers (often things we really like)


I invite you to notice your daily work achievements and focus on progress and not on perfectionism.


I suggest you spend time with optimists, people who make you feel good and energy givers.


Watching out for energy sappers are vital. Common ones are self-blame, excessive worrying, and getting bored. Finding ways of letting go of these disempowering behaviours will make a big difference.


Deal with the little things that annoy you. These might include: missing buttons, emails backlog, dripping taps, house not finished, and the list goes on.  Each completed task usually contributes to higher energy levels. Clearing out clutter is another task which makes a difference.


Building in contingency time is another energy raiser. This means allowing a little extra time for journeys as well as building contingency into deadlines. Allowing quiet time for thinking and/or meditation is useful too.


A gratitude journal is a great energy raiser. Either write down daily three things that you are grateful for, or list out everything in life they you grateful for (large and small things) and refer to this list frequently.


Do look at your  limiting assumptions: One common one is “I have to work extraordinarily hard to get good results”. If this one applies to you, you then need to ask yourself whether it is true all of the time. A clue that is not will be your getting results easily and effortlessly on some occasions. Ask yourself what you would do differently if you knew for sure that you would get results easily and effortlessly. You may have an answer that is similar to one of my clients. “I would do less, I wouldn’t work so hard, and would make more free time”. When this particular client did so, she did get good results and her energy levels were raised.


Optimum  energy levels are a definite plus when it comes to  the inner game of business and really help when it comes to both your answering questions you may have on “How to boost confidence” and “how be happy with work”.



If you are committed to having more energy, start experimenting today with these ideas. Let me know how you get on.


How do you incorporate physical exercise into your daily routine? How do you boost your energy levels?  Share your tips.

This article was written by Karen Skehel