How to find your passion at work (AND watch your business take off!)


Blond Woman Waking Up in the Morning

Often clients are not following their “real dream or passion” at work when they come to me, and have a real yearning to find what it is for them. This can apply whether you work for someone else, or you run your own business!


If this sounds familiar to you, read on to hear how to get motivated and make the changes you need so that you can succeed in business and achieve your goals.


It is surprisingly common how many people wake up on Monday morning and are less than thrilled by the thought of work. Some positively hate their work – and are almost resigned to it always being that way. Some of these run their own businesses! If you are one of them, I promise you it doesn’t have to be like that.  Although in the past I haven’t felt this way, today, I’m passionate about what I do and consider it a real privilege, joy and blessing to be paid doing what I love. You could too. I help many clients in various different stages of distress “leap out of bed every day” because they also now love what they do.


I equate finding your dream or passion at work to being a detective and completing a jigsaw puzzle. There are probably certain work related ”must haves” that you can start to put into your jigsaw, and there are probably a number of missing pieces that you need to have in place in order to be able to see the full picture.


If you work with a coach, they will take you through a series of questions.  It works equally well to work alone at this stage and if the answer isn’t forthcoming, take the findings to a coach.


The questions I invite you to answer include:

  • What do I love most – in and out of work, today and in the past?  What are the reasons I love these things?
  • What are my natural talents, skills, gifts, strengths, top achievements?
  • What is on my radar as a possibility? What have I dismissed in the past and reasons I have?
  • What looks appealing that I have seen other people do?
    If money wasn’t a consideration, what would I do?


It is not always as simple as identifying the above. I have known many who resist “shining their light,” fearing that they might alienate others.  Ask yourself how you feel about being able to work with your talents and gifts. Do you believe you have talents and gifts? Depending on your answers to the above, the coaching might also include helping  you to recognise how it would be beneficial to both you and the world to “shine your light”. It might also help you believe in yourself more – key to being able to do what you love.


Identifying your disempowering beliefs is important to finding your passion at work.  Perhaps you believe that work is a sacrifice, or it is hard/ a struggle. If so, your life will mirror that. I know this from past experience when these were my beliefs and my work bore this out. If you believe that is isn’t possible to feel passionate and be really happy at work, you would be wise to find ways of meeting some of the thousands and thousands of people who are. More about changing beliefs is the subject of another article.


If you haven’t reached a place of insight after answering these questions or you know you won’t get round to handling this on your own, now is the time to seek the input of a coach. We have been through this process many times with many people from all walks of life and have a track record of success in facilitating the outcomes people want.


Work is too important an area of life not to be happy with. Everyone can reach a place of happiness.  All that is needed is desire to change and action to make it happen.  Do act now. How will you feel in one, two or five year’s time if nothing has changed?


What are you passionate about at work? If not passionate, what do you love? What have you done to find your passion at work? Share your tips.


This article was written by Karen Skehel