Tame your inner critic and watch your business soar!

Taming the inner critic


Being self-critical is one of the most disempowering common traits I come across as a coach.


In order to succeed in business or any pursuit, it is important to love yourself and learn how to get motivated even when you are disappointed.


Get clear about how you are your own worst critic – if you make a mistake are you inclined to beat yourself up? Are you a perfectionist, spending hours on your work with a view to getting it 100% right? Do you always blame yourself when something goes wrong? Is focusing on your shortfalls a habit? Make a list of all the ways you are hard on yourself, and make a note of what you say to yourself. Come up with more loving, empowering responses.


Remember to love yourself; treat yourself as if you were your own best. Look at mistakes as learning experiences, seek to be happy by achieving 80% in 20% of the time, forgive yourself, remember your achievements, positive qualities and natural gifts, treat yourself with respect, and focus on what is going right. Use computer screen savers, mobile phone reminders and messages on the bathroom mirror as reminders to do this.


Watch what you say about yourself in jest too. For example, if you regularly describe yourself as a “technological dinosaur”, that is unlikely to help you figure out an issue on the computer.


If you don’t get the specific outcome you had in mind e.g. the partner or the job, it can be very useful to remember the following: “If the train doesn’t stop at your stop, it isn’t your train”.


Make self love part of your mission this year – and watch your life transform! Give it a go – I promise you it works!


How do you deal with your inner critic? Share your tips.

This article was written by Karen Skehel