5 simple stress bursting techniques that are proven to work

Stress Bursting Technique


The trials and tribulations of business can take its toll.. Here are some simple yet effective ways that help answer the question  “how to relieve stress AND at the same time  how to boost confidence”. These simple stress bursting techniques are proven to help you succeed in business AND in life.


1. Connect with your creativity

The roles and responsibilities of your business can leave you restricted and tense, particularly if you have many challenges to deal with. Whether or not you consider your working role creative, finding a creative outlet outside work is a perfect way to let off steam, and by playing to your likes and strengths, you can use your spare time to get stuck in to a new activity that is both fun and constructive. This is energy giving.  Whether it’s playing an instrument, making art, cooking, even singing; embracing your creative side simply for fun and relaxation is a great stress reliever. It also stimulates the creative juices in your business too!

2. Exercise

Whilst you have heard it before, unless you are already committed to following an exercise regime, it is helpful to read a gentle reminder. It’s easy to be under the impression that exercise needs to be frequent and vigorous; this isn’t necessary or productive for many people.  You will most likely be aware that  a healthy body is important for a healthy mind, and that this generates positive business results.  If you aren’t athletic, spending some time outdoors or taking a brisk walk can be equally as effective, as your body needs a balance between mental and physical stimulation in order to function at its best. Exercise is energy giving and having more energy supports business results.

3. Meditate

The relaxation benefits of meditation are scientifically proven many times over, and with a range of books and simple tips for beginners now widely available, the art of meditating is much easier to grasp:  It is growing ever popular among western society.  A simple starting point is 5 minutes per day before work with eyes closed, simply noticing your breath coming in and out (noticing any intrusive thoughts and simply and gently bringing your focus back to your breath)

 4. Set yourself goals

Focusing on positive aspects of your business and your life can not only motivate you but also give you a sense of direction which is important for both business growth and self-growth. As dwelling on worries creates a negative mind set,  experiment with simply setting an intention to let your feeling of worry go (you can do that by saying “I am willing and open to letting my feelings of worry go). .Write down your concerns so you can give them problem solving attention when you need to.  Return to the list at your own pace. A coach is extraordinarily helpful with helping solve problems and worries.

5. Listen to music

Music is a proven and excellent mood booster. Find a few minutes during the day to listen to something moving or uplifting for a good pick-me-up throughout the day.


What helps you relieve stress?

This article was written by Karen Skehel