There is no professional intervention or collection of interventions that I know of that produces such far reaching benefits for both the business and for you, the business leader.


Benefits for You, the Business Leader

Irrespective of starting points, clients consistently report benefits in the following areas:

  • Leadership skills
  • Relationship skills
  • Conflict handling
  • Work/life balance
  • Role-related skills
  • Ability to handle stress positively
  • Energy levels
  • Confidence levels
  • Happiness levels
  • Fulfilment levels
  • Achievement of inspiring professional and personal goals

Benefits for the Business

I coach entrepreneurs who are the sole employee as well as entrepreneurs who lead a team:  A “coached “ business owner or business leader, learns how to inspire and motivate their team (whether or not their team is employed or out sourced): Inspiring and motivating others is key to business success. Independent research shows the specific benefits that hiring a business coach provides:  As well as helping clients  make the money they want and have time to play, there are many other benefits that coaching brings: These benefits apply whether the team is employed or out sourced.

  • Highly motivated team: Recognition of achievement, greater involvement and the provision of coaching are key factors in motivation. Individuals’ unique motivators are easily established through coaching.
  • High morale leading to: High retention rates, low absenteeism, easy acceptance of change, fuller identification with the organisation.
  • Recruitment ease: Sought after organisations are highly attractive to new recruits.
  • High levels of customer satisfaction: Happy people relate more effectively with customers as well as with suppliers and colleagues.
  • Reduced costs and wastage: Skilled and motivated people take greater “ownership” – constantly examining their work to contribute towards reducing costs and wastage.
  • Improved bottom line results – earnings, productivity, profitability and competitive advantage: Skilled and motivated people are more effective in their roles.

Since the coaching process is personalised, the precise benefits vary according to each person’s desires and needs. I find that giving attention to personal goals, and Inner Game factors, really helps clients’ achieve success and meet business goals and objectives.

In the personal realm, clients get the results they want in their relationships, health, creative expression, finances, community and spirituality.

However challenging their goals, as long as they fall into the category of possible, I have helped clients achieve success in them.


“I would recommend Karen as a coach to anyone”
Paul Miller, Chairman – Intranet Benchmarking Forum (clients include: Cadbury Schweppes, ASDA and BUPA)