7 reasons why it’s a good idea to express yourself (don’t bottle things up!)


Expressing feelings, especially what some people deem to be ‘negative emotions’, is not always seen as socially acceptable, nor is it always seen as good for business. Many are reluctant to express themselves, as they are afraid of being negatively judged.  It’s common for business leaders to keep their emotions to themselves or to ‘bottle things up’ so they “appear” strong in others’ eyes.


Below you will find 7 reasons why it is a good idea to express yourself. Putting these tips into practise helps with being happy at work and happy with life:


  1. Emotions are a key part of being human – Well being stems from feeling and expressing different emotions appropriately. Emotional intelligence is knowing when and to whom it is appropriate to express emotions (and when it is better to express emotions elsewhere).
  2. Identify appropriate people to share your emotions with (If not colleagues, then family or friends, or even find an “emotional sharing buddy” )– Expressing how you feel, is essential to relieve the pressure and the stresses that you may be feeling, and maintain well being.  If no one appropriate is to hand, go somewhere where you feel safe to express your emotions into the ether (the car, a wood, bash cushions on the sofa at home)
  3. Emotional expression can be an effective way of forging stronger relationships– Once you learn to be honest with yourself, you can start to be more truthful with other people too. You may find they will be more truthful with you too. Honesty and authenticity are powerful magnets to attract clients into your business (as well as helping you attract the other business relationships you seek too)
  4. Suppressing your emotions is likely to  have a negative impact on your well being – Pushing an emotion down, or ignoring it, or pretending it isn’t happening,  typically makes the  emotion stronger and more frequent..  For example, you may find you get more upset easily and might be quite short and angry with those  around you (in particular those who just happen to be in the firing line but are not the source of your upset or frustration)
  5. Bottling things up can cause physical problems too – Your body can become extremely stressed and energy levels can become depleted.  Susceptibility to illness increases.
  6. Practise makes perfect – The more you express yourself appropriately, the easier it will be for you to handle your emotions, and for others to handle (and welcome) your emotions too.
  7. You will get far more out of your life and from your business – The more you learn to accept and deal with your emotions, the more you will learn how you really feel and what you want from life and from your business. Connecting with your emotions gives you a greater insight into what gives you joy and what doesn’t.  The more you bring what you enjoy into your business, the greater the likelihood of your business flourishing!


How do you feel about being emotionally expressive in a business relationship? When do you think is it appropriate to do so and when isn’t it? Please share.

This article was written by Karen Skehel