Are you set up for success? Whatever your starting point, here’s how to prepare for business success!

Business Success

I have personally coached many entrepreneurs at various different stages of business success. Some clients have come to me with a desire to start a business without knowing what that business would be, others have the idea and are yet to get off the starting blocks when it comes to how to be a business owner, whereas a third group come to me because they are stuck or not moving forward as fast as they would like and want to learn to achieve success in their business goals and objectives.  


Wherever they are, I always advocate starting with a goal that inspires. One of my clients, a Managing Director of a Design Agency, came to me at a time when his business had made a loss for over 9 months. He wanted to realize its potential, become more financially successful, and be busy. This led to a goal which was really inspiring and challenging for him “My business buzzes to the tune of £50K profit per month”.  In less than six months the business was on an upward trend – with profits in excess of £50K per month coming in, and his business success continues.


He is one of many with similar results.   If you are at a challenging place in your own business – either for similar reasons as this client, or you are closer to the starting gates, many of the same guidelines apply.   Notice if your business venture is an “uphill struggle”, or in any other ways that leave you feeling disempowered and lacking in energy.  Find ways of seeing your business as exciting and find ways to connect with your passion. If this is your first business, and previously you have worked for others, it is real opportunity to be creative, to stamp your own mark on the world and to follow your own guidance.


Your passion is one of the key ingredients to business success.   “If you believe you can, or if you believe you can’t, you are right” said Henry Ford, of Ford cars. He wasn’t the only one. In my experience, a strong belief in yourself and in your product or service will serve you well.  If you have doubts, which is completely normal, a clear awareness of what they are will help you make any necessary changes to your thinking and to your action plan.


Although, you may not have started and grown a business before, you may have many other achievements, talents and natural gifts which you can draw on. It is likely that the role models you most admire had no real track record before their first success.  How clearly can you envision your successful business in your minds eye? The more real it appears to you, the more likely your vision will easily turn into reality. Successful business developers agree: if you can see it, hear it, feel it and taste it today, tomorrow it will be real. The secret here is to create your vision in your imagination, and describe it in the present tense using words and images.  


If you feel passionate about what you are doing, if you belief in your self and your business and if you can clearly vision your desired outcome, you are well on your way to being a successful entrepreneur – assuming you have the basics covered (e.g. leadership, people, systems, plans). Add trust, tenacity and a good coach, and you are there!  


What experiences contribute business success for you or for those you know? Share your tips.  

This article was written by Karen Skehel