How to deal with bad days at work

 Bad Days at Work

Everyone has “bad” days. They can take many forms: Feeling down or frustrated, believing nothing is going right, or simply being unable to focus, being overwhelmed or being consumed by personal difficulties.  Moving ahead at these times, can be challenge, as often these days are when we are less resourceful.


These 8 great tips will help you to positively handle these bad days and find your motivated self.


  1. Take a break: If you are doing a piece of work that is making you feel anxious, stressed or down then take a break.  If  this piece of work isn’t important and urgent, do move onto a different task that doesn’t trigger you in the same way.
  2. Change of scene: Spending a lot of time in the same space isn’t usually beneficial. A change of scene can make a surprising difference
  3. Discover your stressor: If it isn’t clear to you, ask yourself what really is causing the stress.  Can you do something to change what is making you feel bad at that moment? If you can, do so, if you can’t, learn to let it go. Setting the intention to let it go is a great starting point
  4. Choose not to worry: Place your attention on what is going well,  and choose not to thing about what is going wrong. What you focus on expands, so choose empowering and uplifting thoughts.
  5. Share (if appropriate): Find someone appropriate to share your concerns with. If non one appropriate is available write them down and let them go. Brainstorm solutions with the person you are sharing with or with yourself (you may be surprised how creative you can be if you write down possible solutions to your challenge)
  6. Let it out: Letting out your emotions is cathartic so scream and shout or cry. Find a private place where it is fine to do this. Writing your feelings down is another way of releasing your emotions.
  7. Relax: Plan a relaxing and/or uplifting evening. Do follow through with this.
  8. Tomorrow is another day: You may feel challenged today but remember that tomorrow is another day (and that everything changes)


It can be helpful to remember that even when times get tough you can be happy at work and happy with life again.


What are some of your tips on how you deal with your bad days at work? Share your ideas.

This article was written by Karen Skehel