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Are you in a place in life where everything is going swimmingly? Or are you not getting the results you want with the ease you would like – either at work or in your personal life? There are strategies with proven results that you can try right now, and start to get different outcomes in all areas of your life to be happy at work and happy with life. The following details will expand on how you can make changes for the better especially if you are still figuring out how to be a business owner.


Picture this scenario: your business is going through a difficult patch and winning business is a struggle. Within the midst of this, an exciting opportunity presents itself. You really need this piece of business.  The client is impressed by you. Then he senses your neediness. It is a difficult decision, but on balance he decides to use your competitor. Not only do you end up without the business, but also you feel fed up, frustrated, or worse! How attractive is the fed up, frustrated you to new clients now?


You may have experienced something similar when you first started, or with challenging points in your business.  In my experience, when we are so attached to getting a particular outcome, we are closed to other possibilities – some of which may be even more valuable as well as being more appropriate too.


What can you do differently? The simple answer is to let go of your attachment. Make that piece of business that you really want, not so important, and here are some ideas on how to do that.


Approach 1: Deliberately seek out other possibilities and options


Put your business focus elsewhere. This could be on other potential clients or find a new business area to rekindle your passion if it is appropriate to do so.  Extraordinary as it may sound; sometimes it can work to focus on other areas of your life too.


In the early days of a new business, one of my clients was so busy servicing her existing clients that she wasn’t focused on developing new business which is so vital, particularly in new businesses.  She experienced what she saw at the time as a peculiar phenomenon. A sequence of clients said “yes” to working with her, but each changed their mind before starting. This hadn’t happened before, so she wondered what was going on. She soon realised that she had an attachment to winning clients. Once she was aware of this, she changed her focus by setting up a new niche for her business. As she took her focus away from wining individual clients, clients started coming to her from everywhere!


Approach 2: Recognise your personal needs and find appropriate ways of getting them met.


Everyone has needs which they may or may not be aware of. You can be fairly sure that your needs will be met – either in ways that support you or ways that hinder you.  One of the most common needs is the one for recognition. For one client with business development responsibilities, let’s call him John, this played havoc with his performance at work and his moods too. When he did well at work, he was happy, but when he lost a deal, his misery was extreme.


If this was to change, it was important for John to get his need for recognition met outside of business deals. Through coaching he explored other avenues.


In John’s case, it was as simple as recognising his own achievements, skills, and qualities that he assesses as positive. He did this by writing a list which he referred to regularly. He enlisted the support of those in his life he felt he could trust – friends, colleagues and loved ones. He asked them to recognise him for things he did, and for who he was, and they agreed.


Once his need for recognition was met outside of his clients, he felt more relaxed and this showed. His revenues increased dramatically. The more he was himself, the more business he won.


One way of identifying your own needs is to notice causes you to feel great when you have it and what causes you to feel lousy when you don’t. Here is a short list of some common needs:

  • to be accepted/(appreciated/valued/loved)
  • to be listened to/understood
  • to have abundance
  • to have honesty
  • to have freedom
  • to have flexibility


Approach 3: Set a goal and stay open to all possibilities


This route requires least effort. Its success is dependant on your not trying to hard (although you may wish to “plant some seeds” by taking some appropriate actions). It does require that you set a clear intention of achieving the result you desire – and also that you are open to all possibilities too.  Trust and letting go of control are important here.


Use affirmations (positive statements that something is already so) to support you. Affirmations are stated in the present tense.  For example: “I am open to winning the xyz contract (or whatever is the best possibility for me and my organisation)”.


Do watch your self talk. Are you thinking: “I am wasting my time, I never get the big deals” or “Clients really like what we offer, and I personally have a great track record”? Self talk is powerful. I see over and over again, how our thoughts create our reality. Make sure that you create the reality you want!


We each have our own winning formulas for attracting business.  Time and time again, I am reminded that the less attached to a particular outcome I am, the more likely I am to get results.  I notice that when I create a powerful intention, and am relaxed about it happening, it does so: easily, and effortlessly. Clients and colleagues regularly report the same experiences.


What tips do you have to get the business results you’re looking for?

This article was written by Karen Skehel