7 sure ways to feel good at work, no matter what!

feel good at work


If things are not going as well as you would like with your business, it can be really challenging to feel good at work.  If you can find ways to feel good though, not only will you feel better, but also your “emotional turn around”  really will have  a positive impact on the performance of your business!


If you want to feel good at work and happy with life no matter what the circumstances, these 7 sure ways will help you Master the Inner Game and achieve your business goals and objectives:


  1. Stop Complaining- Most people naturally complain as we are programmed to tune into “what’s wrong”. It is a historic survival mechanism which is out of date for today. Notice yourself complaining and choose to stop. Look for the positives in each situation. They are always there if you choose to see them.   For some, complaining is an energiser.  If you are one of those people, set aside a time to complain “to the wall” or do a complaining swop with a friend or colleague and then let the source of your complaint go. Instead of complaining, focus on the things you can change, and take appropriate action.


  1. Remind yourself of your worth– Know yourself and remind yourself of your intrinsic worth. This will help you when you face difficult times or knock backs. Experiment with embracing and even loving your challenging situation: What is this situation teaching you?. Navigating and overcoming challenges is growth-ful and boosts entrepreneurship.


  1. Look for the gifts– I have learnt that there are gifts in everything: Looking out for them as a new habit supports the notion of “saying yes to life” and helps overcome resistance to what is.


  1. Enjoy the moment. However challenging your circumstances,  notice all of the things around you that you can enjoy today?  Keep a journal of these things. Programme yourself to tune into positivity.


  1. Follow your gut instinct. Research has shown that people who follow their instincts are happier with their decisions. If you have a decision to make and have your choices down to two or three options, pick the one that feels right to you.  It will most likely be a success or if not so, then it will be a great learning experience.
  2. Affirmations- Reading or quoting positive affirmations or quotes daily can help to build a positive outlook .. Theses affirmations can be used in difficult times. Reading  or quoting them daily will help you start putting the affirmations into practise. Create your own affirmations and tailor make them for your own situations and challenges.


  1. Choose goals that you are passionate about (or at the minimum you find motivational)–  Do ensure you have goals and on going passions in your business and in your life. This helps focus your energy on positive exciting things and can help with perspective.


Feeling good is all about how you see yourself and your circumstances. Simply choosing to see the positive in everything will make a huge difference to you and your business!


What are some of the things that make you feel good? Share your thoughts.

This article was written by Karen Skehel