Stressed or burnt out? 5 top tips to get motivated again!

burnt out

If you have been through a stressful time or have worked so hard you feel you have burnt out, these tips can be really helpful to get motivated again and to set a baseline that prevents burn out whilst still helping you build your business.


  1. Indulge in your passion/s!
    Look outside your business. What are you good at? What inspires or excites you? You may be at a stage in your life where you’re unsure of your true passion/s, but this is by no means negative, as this small journey of self-discovery can in itself be one of the most exciting! Are you adventurous? A people person? Creative or more of an introvert? Following your passion/s is proven to be motivational and likely to help you succeed in your business too (even if your passion is outside of your business).  Engaging with the things that make you tick is great for your wellbeing, so be sure to take time out to find and to do what you love! This applies both in and outside work. Remember to connect and do what you love in your business too!


  1. Work towards simple goals.
    At this stage, go for simple and easy to achieve goals and place emphasis on your personal life alongside your business.
    Whatever your goals, keep positive and focus on taking small manageable steps. Develop your self belief : it’s a fantastic confidence and motivation booster:


  1. Reward yourself.
    Build in ‘me’ time. Do the things that make you happy. What do you look forward to during your day outside of your business? Settling down to a good book? Indulging in a bubble bath? Being creative or thoughtful? Indulging in simple pleasures can be gratifying so reward yourself following an eventful period, busy day or small personal accomplishment. Focusing on yourself and your personal life can pay huge dividends when it comes to success in your business.


  1. Strive for balance!
    Everything in moderation is a great mantra to live by.. If you’ve worked yourself hard mentally, try a bit of physical exercise as relief, or vice-versa. Equally if you feel you may have overindulged too much of late and are feeling sluggish, dedicate a week to being more active and healthy. It’s not about perfection, but maintaining that ‘happy medium’. Too much of any one thing can create dissatisfaction, so strive for balance across the board.


  1. Know your limits, know yourself!
    The more you accept your strengths and weaknesses (or vulnerabilities), the more you’ll learn about yourself; this paves the way to your growing as a person AND your business growing too. Avoid comparisons with others and ensure the goals you set are realistic (and at this point only stretchy to a limited extent). Instead look towards smaller goals that you know are within your reach. Be aware that being true to yourself is a first step in growing your confidence and feeling happy.  Knowing your mind and body is crucial to your happiness and general sense of wellbeing, so always do what you feel is right for you. It follows if you feel good, your business will prosper.


How do you get motivated again after a period of feeling stressed and burnt out?

This article was written by Karen Skehel